Friday, May 24, 2013

The Day Custer Got Siouxed

June 25th is the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Or as some call it, "The Day Custer Got Siouxed."

I propose that we appoint that day as the day "We the People" make our stand against the arrogant corporations and politicians that want to subdue us into oblivion. We do not have to finally give in to survive like the great leaders of Native America did.

The trouble is that after they won, they disbanded and went their separate to avoid another conflict and lost a little each year until they lost big time in 1890. That was the problem with the Occupy movement too and what we must not repeat. We are fighting not only the corporatocracy, but the government too because they are owned by the monied interests that got them elected. Once we start we cannot back down or disband.
I realize that there are honest business owners and politicians we must keep them on our side, not alienate them.
What do we do? Spread the word. Facebook, college newspapers, classmates, co-workers, whatever. I'm open to ideas. I only have experience as an individual. But if you understand the significance of that date in American history and know a little about Indian warfare, You will know that Indians all over were fierce fighters, but they fought for individual honor and lost too many battles. It was not until they learned to work together at the Little Bighorn that they won a major victory.Refuse to drive or buy gas. Buy only used items, shop locally, civil disobedience, Ideas please.
June 25 is only the beginning.
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Here is a post by Ezrabiggins   Notice. who answered my appeal on Truthdig
June 25 Day of Action Do not work. Do not shop. Do not buy gas. Walk or bike or bus downtown. Set up clearly marked education tables: "Lost Rights" "Reject D.C." "War Crimes" "Dollar Collapse" "Change Your Bank" "Student Debt" "Homeless Veterans". Tuesday June 25 -- It's About Time.
Get a permit and march. But individually block traffic while holding a sign. One person at a time stops a lane of traffic. Ask for drivers' support. "Honk your horn." "Park and Join Us." If you do not cause trouble you will have no effect. No violence. No destruction of property. But be loud and cause inconvenience. We will not be contained or obedient. Tuesday June 25 -- It's About Time.
Plan locally. You must communicate the message to the unemployed, the homeless, veterans, students. Talk to strangers. Use this forum--the comments to the week's Chris Hedges column--to share ideas and information nationally. You must be the leader. Tuesday June 25 -- It's About Time.
June 25 was the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The day Custer fell.

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